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Here’s something other than my usual shameless self promotion

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Hi All,

I want to make sure that you don’t miss this opportunity with my friend and colleague Dr. Diane Poole Heller.

Diane is launching her Attachment Therapy & Trauma Mastery Training Program. She has been working on this program for a year and is very excited to be sharing this with you. I have featured Diane several times on my programs and she is amazing.

She has three free videos that you don’t want to miss  – over an hour of very rich educational material on the transformative power of Attachment work. This 3-part series includes: The Future of Attachment, The Four Attachment Styles, and Mastering Attachment.

Click here: Mastering Attachment Series

You don’t want to miss these videos.

They will be available for only a limited time so I would encourage you to watch them.











P.S. You’ll  be really glad to have watched Diane’s videos and will gain a greater awareness of how to help your client create a bridge back to Secure Attachment.


Click here: Mastering Attachment Series