Integrative Trauma Treatment

Group Consultation ~ EMDR Specific

Working with a traumatized population definitely requires sustained effort, compassion, self-care and external support—it also requires specialized knowledge of trauma processing modalities.

These groups will focus on implementing the trauma processing modality, EMDR into your practice-both in person and virtual.

Ongoing Interactive Online EMDR Consultation Groups: Tuesday morning and evening and Thursday afternoon and evening groups are currently available.

1).     What will we do in these online groups?

          - Case Consultation

          - Questions & Answers

          - Online Practice sessions with fellow clinicians

          - Online Practice sessions with live feedback from Linda

2).     How often do the groups meet?

          - Groups meet monthly

3).     When do the groups meet? (Times are US Eastern Time)

          - Morning groups are Tuesday at 9:30 AM

          - Afternoon groups are Thursday at 4:00 PM

          - Evening  groups are Tuesday & Thursday at 8:00 PM

4).     How long are the groups?

          - Groups are two hours long

5).     Can I drop in on a group?

          - Yes you can; however, you must schedule 24 hours prior to start of session.

6).     Is there a discount if I buy more than one session?

          - Yes, you'll save $15 if you purchase 3 sessions; $35 if you purchase 5 sessions; $50 if you purchase 10 sessions; $195 if you purchase 12 sessions.

7).     Does this meet consultation requirements for Evergreen EMDR Certification?

          - Yes, learn more about Evergreen EMDR Certification here.

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