Somatic Trauma Therapy

Developed by Babette Rothschild, MSW


Somatic Trauma Therapy is an integrated treatment model that draws from the most relevant theory and the most suitable techniques for the understanding and treatment of trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. In development since 1992, Somatic Trauma Therapy is not a single method, but an integrated system of psychotherapy and body-psychotherapy that continues to evolve as new theory and techniques emerge in the field. Somatic Trauma Therapy addresses all aspects of trauma's impact -- on thinking, emotions and bodily sensations -- bringing them into sync, and relegating trauma to it's rightful place in the past.

How can Somatic Trauma Therapy help?

It is not necessary to remember a traumatic event in full, or even at all, to get help. What is important is to gain control over and reduce disturbing symptoms, improve quality of life and to re/establish a good relationship to the self. First steps of Somatic Trauma Therapy include gaining control over symptoms and re/establishing a sense of safety. Later steps involve restoring emotional resources, physical reflexes and nervous system balance. If the traumatic event is remembered, there will be further steps to help make sense of what happened and to recognize it is over. Duration of Somatic Trauma Therapy can range from a few sessions to several years depending on: the nature of the trauma(s); age at the time of the trauma(s); if the trauma(s) is isolated, intertwined with other trauma(s) or continuous; and current resources and strengths.


Somatic Trauma Therapy

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